Exercise Your Body and Brain at Sparkles!

At Sparkles in Hiram, we are all about bringing the family together for some healthy fun. Whether you have visited for one of our special skate nights, for a birthday party, or stopped by for a few hours of free skate, you have probably noticed that everyone is happy and enjoying their time! From toddlers to grandparents, our family fun center is a place where the whole family can come and enjoy healthy playtime together. While skating is a healthy alternative to other traditional cardiovascular workouts for people of all ages, it is especially beneficial for growing children. Find out how roller skating can help in your child’s development!

Roller skating is a great cardio exercise.Healthy Habits- According to the CDC, it is recommended that children receive at least 1 hour (60 minutes) of physical activity per day. Regular exercise, such as roller skating, helps create healthy habits that will stay with your kids through adulthood. Roller skating is a great aerobic activity that will get your child’s heart rate pumping. Building up your child’s physical endurance at a young age will help them in their adolescent, teen, and adult years if they choose to play sports, or participate in other activities as they mature.

Building social skills- Roller skating is an activity that can be enjoyed by children with their parents, grandparents, friends, and family. Not to mention, skating is a great way for kids to socialize with their friends or meet new friends on the rink! We have families from all over Paulding County coming to play. This is a great opportunity for families to meet, mingle, and create friendships!

Exercise Your Brain- Studies show that regular exercise is a great way to boost the brain’s cognitive function. Skating is a great way to relieve stress, pent-up energy, and anxiety. Physical activity breaks are also shown to help children focus better in school, at home, and while they work on assignments.

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