Learn Through Play With STEM Field Trips at Sparkles in Hiram

At Sparkles in Hiram, we believe that learning is meant to be fun, interactive, and long lasting. As the new school year begins, we are excited to offer our Paulding County school teachers an opportunity to make their lessons come to life with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field trips.

Learn through play with a STEM field trip at Sparkles.

What is a STEM field trip?

STEM programs incorporate the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math into lessons that take the concepts in a textbook and apply them to everyday experiences- even roller skating! Students have the ability to learn these subjects in an interactive and entertaining way through play and exploration. Developed by Ohio State University and Professional Educators Nationwide, the STEM program has been implemented in hundreds of schools throughout the country.  The STEM field trips at Sparkles are offered year round to best fit your curriculum and meet all State Standards.

STEM Options

Sparkles Family Fun Center offers a variety of lessons to choose from for both elementary and middle school students. Our pricing is as follows:

  • $9.00 per student which includes: 2 hours of skating and playground or laser tag for middle school students. Students must bring their own lunch.
  • $11.00 per student which includes: 2 hours of skating and playground or laser tag for middle school students and lunch provided by Sparkles (slice of pizza and small soda).
  • $15.00 per student which includes skating, playground, and laser tag game for each student. Sparkles provides a pizza buffet (1 hour lunch with unlimited pizza and drinks).

Teachers in Dallas, Powder Springs, Austell, Douglasville, and Hiram schools– plan your STEM field trip today! For more information please contact Jessica Cranford at (770) 943-6080 or jcranford@sparklesffc.com!

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