The Best Way to Fuel Your Workout at Sparkles

Fuel your body with the right foods before your next visit to Sparkles in Hiram!

Whether you are training for a marathon or are attending a yoga class, eating and drinking the right foods before and after working out is extremely important to overall performance. The foods we eat are the fuel that power our workouts and like any car or motorized vehicle, the type of fuel we put into our bodies can leave us with more energy, or feeling lethargic and ready for a nap.

Roller skating is one of the best aerobic exercises you can get as it uses all of the body’s muscles, including the heart, helps build up leg strength, and can reduce overall body fat. Comparable to jogging, roller skating is a great way to get the whole family moving and teach healthy habits! How should you fuel your next skating session? Well, Sparkles in Hiram has put together a few pointers to remember before your next trip to the rink!

Fuel Your Body for Skating

  • About 30 minutes before you strap on your roller skates, eat a carbohydrate-based snack, like a banana or muffin, for a boost of energy. Larger meals will require longer times to digest, so plan accordingly.
  • Remember to eat square meals throughout the day. This means making sure you consume plenty of protein, carbs, and fat to help give your body the energy it needs to perform.
  • Add some protein powder to your post-workout routine to help your muscles recover after a hard hour or two of skating.
  • Drink plenty of water! Staying hydrated is key to a successful workout and avoiding heat stroke, dehydration, cramping and exhaustion. Remember to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout.


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