TLC For Your Skates Goes a Long Way

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of getting a new pair of roller skates. The perfect, scuff-less boot, shiny wheels, and brand new laces- there’s no way you can be sad with a brand new pair of roller skates on your feet. Make your new skates last longer with these easy tips to keeping your new rides in tip-top shape!

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Tighten your trucks. Before you go for a spin make sure the trucks on your skate are tight and secure. (The truck of a roller skate is the piece of metal that the wheel axle passes through. The trucks attach to the plate and hold the wheels. You can tighten or loosen the trucks to vary the amount of control you want in your pair of skates.)

Adjust your toe-stops. Experiment with the position of your toe-stop to see what place feels best.

Check your wheels. Every few weeks, you should look over your wheels and check for a smooth spin or bumps. If there is some resistance in the wheel spin, check the area for damage, dirt buildup or other debris.

Keep bearings dry. Whether it’s rain, sweat, or a spill from a water bottle make sure to wipe off any water from your roller skates. Roller skating sessions outside can cause the skates to collect moisture and other particles that can wear on the skate.

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