Renting vs. Buying Your Skates

At Sparkles in Hiram, we constantly have people walk through our doors of all ages and skating skill levels, all looking to have a great time on our rink. Some guests bring their own skates, while others prefer to rent a set of wheels from us. Either way, everyone always has a phenomenal time! We’ve had some people ask us which is better, renting your skates or investing in your own pair? Well, it all depends on the person. Here are some things to consider when buying or renting your roller skates.


  • Find the perfect skates at Sparkles!Renting skates is a great choice for young children. Because they are constantly going through growth spurts, it makes more sense to rent skates, rather than constantly buy them a new pair. A pair of skates you buy today will most likely not fit them by next week!
  • Sparkles always has skates ready to rent for our guests. From toddler to adult sizes, we carry a variety of them all so there is no need to bring them from home.
  • If you are not a frequent skater, it will save you the expense of owning your own.


  • If you absolutely love to roller skate then we suggest buying your own skates. While it may be more expensive in the moment to purchase skates, over time you’ll save more money investing in your own pair. Remember to choose a pair that fit just right!
  • That brings us to our next point, picking the perfect skate. A huge benefit of buying your own skates is that you can choose a shoe that fits your feet perfectly. If comfort is a huge thing for you, buying a pair is the way to go!
  • Buying your own skates means you have the freedom to customize your ride! Red skates, purple laces, glow-in-the-dark wheels, whatever fits your personality!

Whether you want to buy or rent, Sparkles has you covered. Swing by our skate store on your next visit to see our selection of skates and accessories!

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