Fun STEM Field Trips at Sparkles Hiram

Another semester has begun, and many teachers are searching for fresh ways to engage their students. And despite interest from younger students, STEM education is where students lose interest the quickest. Sparkles wants to change that! Our STEM skating program gives teachers in Hiram a way to engage their students with the curriculum and spark a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. How does it work?

STEM Field Trips at Sparkles Hiram

elementary students running outsideWe use roller-skating to teach kids the science of sound, motion, physical fitness, and engineering. Our goal is to support teachers’ current curriculum, get kids engaged and asking questions, and show them how fun STEM can be. We have courses for both elementary school and middle school students, with a variety of lesson plans depending on the needs of the teacher. Students will get 1 hour of interactive STEM instruction. Then they’ll be able to put those lessons to good use with 2 hours of physical fitness through roller-skating!

Elementary School STEM Lessons

  • The Science of Roller-Skating teaches kids about area and perimeter, geometry, and friction.
  • Motion & Rink Design teaches students about force/friction and diameter/circumference.
  • Music, Math, & Roller-Skating shows kids how sound waves work, as well as how to calculate beats per minute, frequency, and speed.
  • Super Sound! Acoustics and Rink Design teaches kids about sound system design, frequency, and the path of sound.
  • Engineering Magic & Lighting teaches kids about light design and the types of light.
  • Heart, Health, and Fitness teaches kids about heart health, basic anatomy, how to calculate an average, and how to label a graph.
  • Formulas, Fractions, and Fun: The Relationship Between Math and Roller-Skating shows kids geometry, how to calculate speed, and the difference between a mean, median, and mode.

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