Is It Time to Replace Your Roller-Skates?

If you’re a lifelong skater, you’ve probably long since invested in your own pair of skates. After all, buying roller-skates means a custom fit, fun anytime, and big savings on skate rentals. But even the most well-maintained roller-skates need replacing eventually. If your trusty roller-skates are looking a bit worn, it’s time ask yourself these questions.

Is It Time to Replace My Skates?

  1. toddler wearing high heelsDo they fit? This is usually a problem for growing kids, but adult feet sometimes change size too. Don’t worry, nobody knows but you! But it’s probably time to replace those roller-skates.
  2. Are they worn out? If you love your skates well, they’ll last for years. But after awhile, you may notice the boot losing its shape or the lining wearing thin. Some signs of aging (like old bearings, for example) are fixed with a quick trip to the Pro Shop. Others require a new pair of skates.
  3. Have I moved on? If you’ve mastered speed skating, jam skating, or just feel better gliding around the rink, it’s probably time to move on from beginner skates. Find a pair that suits your skating style.

Visit the Sparkles Pro Shop

If you’re ready to replace your skates, Sparkles can help. Our Pro Shop has classic quad skates, inline skates, sport skates, beginner skates, and even custom roller-skates. They make great gifts (especially for a skating birthday party), and they help parents keep the family active without worrying about the weather. If your skates are in good shape, check out our selection of wheels, laces, bearings, and skate maintenance supplies. Don’t see what you want? We can order the skating accessories you need. Just talk to one of our skating pros.

We’ll get you rolling again in no time! Visit Sparkles Skating Center in Hiram for roller-skates and skating fun.

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