Let Sparkles Help You Reach Your Goals

Just weeks ago, tens of thousands of people made resolutions to meet new goals in 2017. Sadly, only 8% of them will accomplish those goals. In fact, many have already quit! Why is it so hard to accomplish New Year’s resolutions? Probably because most of them are boring. Saving money, getting healthy, and learning new things can get tedious after a few weeks. So how can you achieve your goals in 2017? With a little help from your friends at Sparkles Hiram.

How Skating Helps You Reach Your Goals

  1. boy giving thumbs upBudget. Skating gives families in Hiram big fun without breaking the bank. Our weekly skating sessions are under $10, with special promos like Monday Madness where you can skate from 4-8pm for just $2. You can also take advantage of winter savings with Manager’s Specials, admission deals, and free skate coupons with Kids Skate Free.
  2. Family time. What’s an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy? Nobody likes the same movies, the toddlers are too young for outdoor adventures, and your preteens are too old for “kid stuff.” Roller-skating is an adventure the whole family can enjoy, from the time they learn to walk until the days they need walkers! If you’re resolved to spend more quality time with your family this year, Sparkles Hiram has your back.
  3. Learn a new skill. Learning something new doesn’t have to mean mastering a foreign language. Learn to roller-skate, try a new trick, get serious about your laser tag sharpshooting skills, or become your family’s first skee-ball champion. There’s big room for personal growth at Sparkles (and it’s a lot more fun than studying).
  4. Get fit. Who knew you could have fun and workout at the same time? We did! Roller-skating burns over 600 calories and works almost every muscle in your body without wearing on your  joints. It’s also great for heart health!

What’s the secret to success? Find a fun way to achieve your goals at Sparkles Hiram.

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