Family Fun for Winter Break

surprised and happy girlWinter break is a time that kids absolutely love. After Christmas, it’s the first major school break for them to anticipate. And while it’s exciting enough for kids to know they have winter break off from school, parents know the kids will get restless and quickly run out of things to do. There are some nice winter break activities you do with your kids at home – fun things like crafts and movie nights – but it’s great to go out in the world and let your kids experience other things. Finding a family winter break activity that the kids will enjoy, and that will keep them active at the same time can be difficult to find. That’s why bringing them roller skating at Sparkles Family Fun Center here in Hiram, GA is the best winter break activity you’ll find!

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that your kids have to stay locked inside. This should be a time they go out and have an enjoyable time, no matter how cold it is outside. There’s no better activity for kids than roller skating. It keeps them active, teaches them healthy habits, and allows kids to meet up with old friends or make new ones. When you bring your kids to Sparkles Family Fun Center, you know that they’ll have an amazing time in a safe, wholesome environment just a few miles from home. We have so many fun activities for kids and families to enjoy, you can come everyday during winter break and never get have a dull moment. With the great arcade, amazing skating floor, laser tag, multi-level bouncy playground, café, and internet access, everyone in the family will have a great time at Sparkles.

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