Home Run Team Parties!

boys playing flag footballTeam sports are important for kids. There’s a lot a child can learn while playing team sports, and there are some important life skills kids develop when participating in team sports. When they’re on a team, kids learn leadership skills, teamwork and cooperation, respect for others, and social interaction. Playing sports helps them stay physically active, which teaches them the value of exercise, keeps them healthy, and makes them more likely to become active adults. Team sports are a great thing, and when you have a team of kids it’s great to bring them together and commend them for their hard work. It doesn’t matter if you’re helping the team bond with a party at the beginning of the season, or if you’re congratulating them on a job well done with an end of the season team party, a roller-skating team party is bound to be a hit.

Finding a great venue for a team party is essential. You’ll want to make sure the place you pick is somewhere that everyone can have a great time, with an activity that everyone will love. That’s why Sparkles team parties are the best! We have party packages that include skating, laser tag, arcade fun, or a combination of activities to keep the kids laughing and playing. Choose from our standard packages or call and ask about custom party options. You can even book a private event and invite parents and siblings along for the fun! Choose your team’s favorite activities, pick the day and time you want, and let Sparkles Family Fun Center take care of the rest!

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