Of Course Fundraisers Should Be FUN!

School fundraisers should be fun and different. So why settle for less? Kids love variety in everything and that is a fact. School fundraisers should be exciting from start to finish. How else will you get donors in the door? A roller-skating fundraiser is a sure hit with students and their families. And the more people you get in the door, the more your successful your fundraiser will be, earn the money your school needs for that field trip, sports equipment, or teachers bonus.

This advice is just one of many valuable tips that can lead to a successful school fundraiser. We have plenty more where that came from! Follow these pointers to plan the best school fundraiser possible.

  • little girl washing carThink ahead by starting your fundraiser early. If you start planning your school fundraiser earlier, you’ll be able to spread the word to more people, plan a better event, and earn a lot more money at the end of the day.
  • Build a good school fundraiser team. A successful fundraising team is one that’s effective, focused, and made up of team players who each have something special to bring to the table. These team members should include a People Person, a Task Master, and a good Bean Counter. A People Person sends out friendly emails to the parents and markets the event on social media. The Bean Counter is excellent at keeping track of money. The Task Master keeps track of fundraising milestones and helps organize the rest of the team.

Why should school fundraisers in Hiram book at Sparkles? Because our family fun center will do everything we can to make your roller-skating fundraiser a huge success. These school fundraiser events are ideal for adults and kids who want to have fun. Let us make your school fundraiser truly “Sparkle!”

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