Kids Fun Skate Birthdays

Kids Fun Skate birthday parties are held on Saturday morning, from 10:30 am-1:00 pm. This session is geared towards children 8 and younger, although it is not age restricted. Our DJ plays age appropriate music during this session.

The Birthday Child gets a special Birthday greeting from our mascot: Sparky The Bear

Kid’s Fun Skate Party Includes:

  • Up to 10 Children
  • Choice of Activities
  • Slice of Pizza
  • Unlimited Soda
  • 4 Game Tokens
  • 45 minutes in party room
  • paper goods
  • Party hostess

Add Goodie Bags for only $2 per child (please order in advance)

Don’t Forget Our Party Extras!


Kid’s Fun Skate Party Packages


Quad Play PackageBest Value
4 activities
$209 for 1st 10 children
$18 for each additional child

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Triple Play Package3 activities$189 for 1st 10 children
$16 for each additional child
Double Play Package2 activities$169 for 1st 10 children
$14 for each additional child
Single Play Package1 activity$149 for 1st 10 children
$12 for each additional child



  • Party Mom should arrive 10 minutes in advance of the party. We can not let your guests in until we have your completed guest list.
  • Please present your completed guest list to the cashier upon arrival. The guest list alleviates the issue of paying for non-invited guests/siblings.
  • Please check in with the party host manager when you arrive. At that time she will review the time schedule for your party.
  • You can order balloons or food for your adult guests from the party host manager
  • Food/Drinks are not permitted in the facility (except birthday cake)
  • Remind your parents that they can skate for ½ price admission on the day of the party if they would like to (*rental $3 additional if needed
  • Parents always ask us how much you should tip your party hostess. Although entirely up to you, $2 per person is customary. If your service was excellent, please let your hostess know.