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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day take your love one to Sparkles for a date night she will always remember. Skate around the ring to some our your favorite love songs! Here are a few of our favorite love songs to skate to!


Educational Field Trips at Sparkles

Sparkles Family Fun Centers offers a variety of educational field trips for different grade levels. We offer a Kindergarten, Second, and Fourth grade field trip. The cost is $10 per student and it includes pizza and drink. There will be no charge for teachers. Second and Fourth grade students will have the option to skate for free as well. Here is what each program offers:

Kindergarten – Students will investigate how objects move during hands on experiments. Children will have the opportunity to use our PlayZone to learn all about force and motion while they manipulate objects and illustrate their methods.

Second Grade– Students will learn all about the effects of force, friction, and gravity of moving objects. They will be able to demonstrate changes in speed and direction through pushes and pulls.

Fourth Grade – During this educational field trip, students will use materials such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, and lights to conduct their own experiments in our black room. The next activity will have the students demonstrating how sound is produced through vibrating objects and how it can be varied by changing the rate of vibrations.

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Call us today at Sparkles Family Fun Centers in Hiram or Kennesaw, GA to schedule an educational field trip for your students!

Skating is Heart Healthy!

Comparing roller skating to walking is like comparing apples to oranges — which one is better depends on your personal tastes. In determining which movement is the better exercise, analyze your personal expectations and physical limitations. Both activities offer a healthy way to incorporate cardiovascular endurance training into your fitness routine. Both activities may be enjoyable. Both activities may not be suitable for people of all fitness levels. If, however, you are capable of doing both, you may decide one is better than the other.
Benefits of Roller Skating

Roller skating involves all major muscle groups, including your heart. With similar health benefits and calorie consumption to jogging, skating burns between 350 and 600 calories per hour depending on your weight and exertion level, but with considerably less impact shock to your body, according to research published in “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.” Also, roller skating is fast-paced and exciting, providing a challenging balance dimension to your workout, requiring your body to move in unexpected ways that stimulate different muscles and heighten your athletic abilities.

Kids Skate FREE!

Did you know that KIDS SKATE FREE at Sparkles? Simply go to the website, click on Georgia and then select Sparkles of Hiram. You will be able to sign up to receive FREE ADMISSION passes weekly!

Skating to Fight Childhood Obesity

Here at Sparkles Hiram we are very passionate about preventing childhood obesity. We believe that roller skating is just one of the many ways to get children off the couch and stay active. We have compiled a list below of some ways to combat childhood obesity.

  • Cut down on sweet beverages – Sugary beverages such as juice and soda are one of the worst things to give your child. The amount of sugar in one drink could make up half a days worth of sugar. Besides having zero nutritional value, sugary drinks make hardly any dent on hunger. Many people also think that sports drinks are more beneficial than they really are. Unless your kid is running around for a very extended amount of time, or in very hot conditions, water is a fine choice for re-hydration.
  • Lead by example – Kids with weight problems usually have not acquired their bad eating habits out of thin air. Parents who have unhealthy lifestyles tend to be bad influences on their children. Parents also need to pay attention to how many calories their child is consuming based on the child’s physical activity. You would be surprised to learn how many calories your kid is actually consuming on a daily basis. The habits that kids learn when they are young are carried into their adult lives.
  • Limit screen time – The amount of time you child spends in front of a TV or computer screen everyday directly correlates with their weight. When parents set screen time limitations for their children, they will be forced to find other ways to entertain themselves. Playing outside or going to the roller rink is a great way for kids to stay active and get away from the temptations of snacking out of boredom.

What are your favorite ways to keep your kids active and eating healthy?

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What To Bring To The Roller Rink

One of the questions we hear day after day here at Sparkles Family Fun Centers is, “What should I bring when I come?” Well, we have saved you a phone call; here is the run down.

  • Roller Skates – If you have your own roller skates or roller blades we welcome you to bring them with you when you come to skate. Of course we have skates available for rental for those who do not own any.
  • Socks– Along with your roller skates/ roller blades you will want to bring sock to wear. Without socks, you run the risk of getting blisters. Socks are also a more sanitary solution when renting skates.
  • Credit card/ Cash– Admission and skate rental, Laser Tag, PlayZone and concessions can all be paid for with cash, credit, or debit car. We will gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, and Discover.
  • Cash For Tokens – If you would like to play the arcade games at the rink, please bring cash with you to purchase tokens. We do have an ATM machine located at the rink just in case you forget cash.
  • A Smile – We hope that everyone who comes to Sparkles Family Fun Centers brings a smile, because we love to have fun here!

If you have any other questions please explore our website or contact us. We look forward to seeing you at Sparkles Family Fun Center in Hiram, GA!

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