School’s OUT, We’re OPEN – Tuesday, November 7th

Teacher Workday, November 7th

Join us from 11:00am – 8:00pm Tuesday, November 7th for a FUN-FILLED Day here at Sparkles!

FUN for ALL AGES: Roller Skating, indoor Playground, Laser Tag, Arcade/Prizes, full-service Cafe and FREE Wifi.

Check out pricing details below.

Friday the 13th

3 Reasons To Visit Sparkles

Skating rinks are home to some of the most exciting summer activities for kids all over the country. Sparkles Family Fun Center in Hiram, GA has an incredible facility that offers a wonderful summer to anybody willing to visit. The list below consists of three reasons to visit Sparkles Family Fun Center this summer.

Children skating

  1. Family Friendly

Our facility is known to be a family friendly facility. Our DJ plays music that is both appropriate and enjoyable for our patrons of all ages. Our friendly staff greets everyone with a smile as they walk through the door. If you are looking to learn how to roller skate as a family, our instructors will happily teach anyone how to stay on two skates and spend more time as a family.

  1. Special Events

One of the best parts of the summer season is getting to experience something fun and new with all of your friends. Sparkles Family Fun Center in Hiram grants you that opportunity. If you look at our upcoming events schedule you will see that we are always trying to create new experiences for our patrons.

  1. Activities For Everyone

If roller-skating is something you enjoy, our first-class skating rink is bound to be a good time. If you are not big on skating, you can visit our arcade or laser tag arena to compete with your friends! And we all know kids love playgrounds. We have one of the best playgrounds in all of Georgia for your little ones.

Come To Sparkles For Our Tiny Tots Event

The Sparkles Family Fun Center is home to an abundance of fun for the vast majority of Georgia families. We have several locations that offer access to people spread out in different areas of Georgia. Our Kennesaw location will be hosting an event for all of the tiny tots of your family. The event, Tiny Tots, takes place throughout the year at different times. Our next Tiny Tots event will take place on June 12th. Listed below you will find out what to expect at this event:

Child roller skating

Games in the skating rink

We will offer plenty of fun games and activities within our skating rink for all of the tiny tots. The children will have the opportunity to ride on toys. They can hop on one of our mobile toy units and race their friends around the rink.

There will also be large parachute games that are likely to be the hit of the event! The kids choose a color on the parachute and compete in the different activities with all of their best friends.

Activities outside of the skating rink

No children’s party is complete without a bounce house! We certainly agree with that and will be blowing up a bounce house to bounce right into the summer. Our arcade will also be open for the kids to play their favorite arcade games. If active games are not your child’s favorite, there will also be arts and crafts available!

On June 12th, plan to be at Sparkles from 10am-1pm for just a small fee.

For more information about Tiny Tots, please visit our special events page and mark on your calendars to spend June 12th with us at The Sparkles Family Fun Center.

Summer Camps and Group Events

This summer could be your best summer yet. That is, as long as you spend it at Sparkles! We are offering a multitude of camps and events this summer that are bound to make it your best one yet!

Summer Events Page


Plan your summer at Sparkles! Throughout the work week, parents can send their kids to Sparkles to participate in our affordable camps and day camps. One of our most popular attractions is our skate rink. With one of the best DJ’s in Georgia, you are sure to enjoy one of the best skating rinks with your friends listening to music that is appropriate and enjoyed by all ages.

To take a break from the wheels, we have an incredible arcade available with plenty of games and activities! Set the high score on any of our games and challenge your friends to try and beat it!

If black lights and lasers are your thing, take a step into our laser tag arena and compete against your friends with some of the best laser tag in Hiram, GA.

And finally, our jungle gym playground offers everyone plenty of mazes and routes that provide plenty of fun. After working up quite the appetite with your friends, grab a slice of pizza and a drink to refill your tank and get back on the rink!

Boy and Girl Scouts

For our boy and girl scouts, we offer camps that are both educational and fun! Take the day to learn about the history and safety of skating, and follow it up with a skating session of your own. You can participate in any of our events and activities, as well as food and drink for just $9.50. The fun is unlimited and endless.

Come Roll with the Trolls – Trolls Event!

Come Roll with your favorite Trolls Poppy and Branch Saturday, August 12th

from 10:30am – 12:30pm and 4:00pm – 6:00pm at our TROLLS SKATE!

We are going to have a ton of Trolls Fun, Games and Prizes throughout. Check out the details below.

(Don’t forget to bring your cameras)


Home Run Team Parties!

boys playing flag footballTeam sports are important for kids. There’s a lot a child can learn while playing team sports, and there are some important life skills kids develop when participating in team sports. When they’re on a team, kids learn leadership skills, teamwork and cooperation, respect for others, and social interaction. Playing sports helps them stay physically active, which teaches them the value of exercise, keeps them healthy, and makes them more likely to become active adults. Team sports are a great thing, and when you have a team of kids it’s great to bring them together and commend them for their hard work. It doesn’t matter if you’re helping the team bond with a party at the beginning of the season, or if you’re congratulating them on a job well done with an end of the season team party, a roller-skating team party is bound to be a hit.

Finding a great venue for a team party is essential. You’ll want to make sure the place you pick is somewhere that everyone can have a great time, with an activity that everyone will love. That’s why Sparkles team parties are the best! We have party packages that include skating, laser tag, arcade fun, or a combination of activities to keep the kids laughing and playing. Choose from our standard packages or call and ask about custom party options. You can even book a private event and invite parents and siblings along for the fun! Choose your team’s favorite activities, pick the day and time you want, and let Sparkles Family Fun Center take care of the rest!

Of Course Fundraisers Should Be FUN!

School fundraisers should be fun and different. So why settle for less? Kids love variety in everything and that is a fact. School fundraisers should be exciting from start to finish. How else will you get donors in the door? A roller-skating fundraiser is a sure hit with students and their families. And the more people you get in the door, the more your successful your fundraiser will be, earn the money your school needs for that field trip, sports equipment, or teachers bonus.

This advice is just one of many valuable tips that can lead to a successful school fundraiser. We have plenty more where that came from! Follow these pointers to plan the best school fundraiser possible.

  • little girl washing carThink ahead by starting your fundraiser early. If you start planning your school fundraiser earlier, you’ll be able to spread the word to more people, plan a better event, and earn a lot more money at the end of the day.
  • Build a good school fundraiser team. A successful fundraising team is one that’s effective, focused, and made up of team players who each have something special to bring to the table. These team members should include a People Person, a Task Master, and a good Bean Counter. A People Person sends out friendly emails to the parents and markets the event on social media. The Bean Counter is excellent at keeping track of money. The Task Master keeps track of fundraising milestones and helps organize the rest of the team.

Why should school fundraisers in Hiram book at Sparkles? Because our family fun center will do everything we can to make your roller-skating fundraiser a huge success. These school fundraiser events are ideal for adults and kids who want to have fun. Let us make your school fundraiser truly “Sparkle!”

Family Fun for Winter Break

surprised and happy girlWinter break is a time that kids absolutely love. After Christmas, it’s the first major school break for them to anticipate. And while it’s exciting enough for kids to know they have winter break off from school, parents know the kids will get restless and quickly run out of things to do. There are some nice winter break activities you do with your kids at home – fun things like crafts and movie nights – but it’s great to go out in the world and let your kids experience other things. Finding a family winter break activity that the kids will enjoy, and that will keep them active at the same time can be difficult to find. That’s why bringing them roller skating at Sparkles Family Fun Center here in Hiram, GA is the best winter break activity you’ll find!

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that your kids have to stay locked inside. This should be a time they go out and have an enjoyable time, no matter how cold it is outside. There’s no better activity for kids than roller skating. It keeps them active, teaches them healthy habits, and allows kids to meet up with old friends or make new ones. When you bring your kids to Sparkles Family Fun Center, you know that they’ll have an amazing time in a safe, wholesome environment just a few miles from home. We have so many fun activities for kids and families to enjoy, you can come everyday during winter break and never get have a dull moment. With the great arcade, amazing skating floor, laser tag, multi-level bouncy playground, café, and internet access, everyone in the family will have a great time at Sparkles.

Make Valentine’s Day Sparkle!

couple taking selfieDate nights are a great way to have fun, whether you’re in a relationship or hanging out with someone new. And it’s even better when you can spend Valentine’s Day with somebody special. But you don’t want to have the same mundane date that’s a Valentine’s Day cliche. You want to go somewhere that is exciting, new, and gives you a different way to have fun with on date night. You want to find a fun activity where you can be active together, share laughter, and create memories that you’ll be able to look back on for years to come! Can’t think of a place that fits the bill? We can! Get creative by coming to Sparkles Family Fun Center in Hiram this Valentine’s Day for a roller-skating date!

There’s nothing better experiencing the magic of a goofy good time with your date. To find an activity that you can both enjoy together, that’s can be sweet and romantic, but leaves room for fun in unexpected ways. You can dance to the music as you skate, request your song (or find a new one!), talk, connect, and share a lot of laughs! When you’re ready for a break, swing over to the snack bar. You can relax, turn up the romance, and enjoy some great refreshments. If you want something new, head over to the arcade for a retro date night for the ages. There are some many great opportunities to show your date a great time at Sparkles Hiram!

It doesn’t matter if it is your first date, your 300th date, or if you’re planning a low-key group date! Your significant other will love going roller-skating for Valentine’s Day. Ready to make some memories? Whoever you’re spending Valentine’s Day with, Sparkles Hiram is the perfect place for you.