Spring Break at Sparkles Hiram!

sunSpring break is right around the corner, so you know what that means, more time to skate with your friends and family. So whether you’re looking to get moving this Spring Break or just get out of the house, Sparkles Hiram should be your Spring break destination. Call your friends and bring your family to join us during one of our open skate sessions this year during your Spring break!

Monday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. for $6 (Single activity)

Monday Madness from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. for $2

Tuesday – Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. for $6 (Single activity)

Friday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for $9 (Single activity)

Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for $9 (Single activity)

Sunday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. for $9 (Single activity)


We’re also offering unlimited fun for an additional price.

Don’t let Spring Break past without getting some roller skating time in. Even if it’s just for a session (or two), roller skating can have great health benefits on children and adults. So, adults (we’re talking to you now) don’t think roller skating during Spring Break is only for the kids, because it’s not. Lace up your skates and show the kids the art of roller skating. All while improving your health at the same time. Awesome, right? Getting two things done at one time, you can’t beat that! Did you know that roller skating is recognized by the American Heart Association as a top aerobic sport? According to Health Fitness Resolution, “roller skating helps improve balance with the strength of abdominal and lower-back muscles, since you must maintain a steady core to stay upright. Coordinating balance and leg movement improves coordination.” All more reason to bring the kids to Sparkles Hiram this spring break!

Home Run Team Parties!

boys playing flag footballTeam sports are important for kids. There’s a lot a child can learn while playing team sports, and there are some important life skills kids develop when participating in team sports. When they’re on a team, kids learn leadership skills, teamwork and cooperation, respect for others, and social interaction. Playing sports helps them stay physically active, which teaches them the value of exercise, keeps them healthy, and makes them more likely to become active adults. Team sports are a great thing, and when you have a team of kids it’s great to bring them together and commend them for their hard work. It doesn’t matter if you’re helping the team bond with a party at the beginning of the season, or if you’re congratulating them on a job well done with an end of the season team party, a roller-skating team party is bound to be a hit.

Finding a great venue for a team party is essential. You’ll want to make sure the place you pick is somewhere that everyone can have a great time, with an activity that everyone will love. That’s why Sparkles team parties are the best! We have party packages that include skating, laser tag, arcade fun, or a combination of activities to keep the kids laughing and playing. Choose from our standard packages or call and ask about custom party options. You can even book a private event and invite parents and siblings along for the fun! Choose your team’s favorite activities, pick the day and time you want, and let Sparkles Family Fun Center take care of the rest!

Family Fun for Winter Break

surprised and happy girlWinter break is a time that kids absolutely love. After Christmas, it’s the first major school break for them to anticipate. And while it’s exciting enough for kids to know they have winter break off from school, parents know the kids will get restless and quickly run out of things to do. There are some nice winter break activities you do with your kids at home – fun things like crafts and movie nights – but it’s great to go out in the world and let your kids experience other things. Finding a family winter break activity that the kids will enjoy, and that will keep them active at the same time can be difficult to find. That’s why bringing them roller skating at Sparkles Family Fun Center here in Hiram, GA is the best winter break activity you’ll find!

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that your kids have to stay locked inside. This should be a time they go out and have an enjoyable time, no matter how cold it is outside. There’s no better activity for kids than roller skating. It keeps them active, teaches them healthy habits, and allows kids to meet up with old friends or make new ones. When you bring your kids to Sparkles Family Fun Center, you know that they’ll have an amazing time in a safe, wholesome environment just a few miles from home. We have so many fun activities for kids and families to enjoy, you can come everyday during winter break and never get have a dull moment. With the great arcade, amazing skating floor, laser tag, multi-level bouncy playground, café, and internet access, everyone in the family will have a great time at Sparkles.

Make Valentine’s Day Sparkle!

couple taking selfieDate nights are a great way to have fun, whether you’re in a relationship or hanging out with someone new. And it’s even better when you can spend Valentine’s Day with somebody special. But you don’t want to have the same mundane date that’s a Valentine’s Day cliche. You want to go somewhere that is exciting, new, and gives you a different way to have fun with on date night. You want to find a fun activity where you can be active together, share laughter, and create memories that you’ll be able to look back on for years to come! Can’t think of a place that fits the bill? We can! Get creative by coming to Sparkles Family Fun Center in Hiram this Valentine’s Day for a roller-skating date!

There’s nothing better experiencing the magic of a goofy good time with your date. To find an activity that you can both enjoy together, that’s can be sweet and romantic, but leaves room for fun in unexpected ways. You can dance to the music as you skate, request your song (or find a new one!), talk, connect, and share a lot of laughs! When you’re ready for a break, swing over to the snack bar. You can relax, turn up the romance, and enjoy some great refreshments. If you want something new, head over to the arcade for a retro date night for the ages. There are some many great opportunities to show your date a great time at Sparkles Hiram!

It doesn’t matter if it is your first date, your 300th date, or if you’re planning a low-key group date! Your significant other will love going roller-skating for Valentine’s Day. Ready to make some memories? Whoever you’re spending Valentine’s Day with, Sparkles Hiram is the perfect place for you.

Fun STEM Field Trips at Sparkles Hiram

Another semester has begun, and many teachers are searching for fresh ways to engage their students. And despite interest from younger students, STEM education is where students lose interest the quickest. Sparkles wants to change that! Our STEM skating program gives teachers in Hiram a way to engage their students with the curriculum and spark a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. How does it work?

STEM Field Trips at Sparkles Hiram

elementary students running outsideWe use roller-skating to teach kids the science of sound, motion, physical fitness, and engineering. Our goal is to support teachers’ current curriculum, get kids engaged and asking questions, and show them how fun STEM can be. We have courses for both elementary school and middle school students, with a variety of lesson plans depending on the needs of the teacher. Students will get 1 hour of interactive STEM instruction. Then they’ll be able to put those lessons to good use with 2 hours of physical fitness through roller-skating!

Elementary School STEM Lessons

  • The Science of Roller-Skating teaches kids about area and perimeter, geometry, and friction.
  • Motion & Rink Design teaches students about force/friction and diameter/circumference.
  • Music, Math, & Roller-Skating shows kids how sound waves work, as well as how to calculate beats per minute, frequency, and speed.
  • Super Sound! Acoustics and Rink Design teaches kids about sound system design, frequency, and the path of sound.
  • Engineering Magic & Lighting teaches kids about light design and the types of light.
  • Heart, Health, and Fitness teaches kids about heart health, basic anatomy, how to calculate an average, and how to label a graph.
  • Formulas, Fractions, and Fun: The Relationship Between Math and Roller-Skating shows kids geometry, how to calculate speed, and the difference between a mean, median, and mode.

Call today to book your STEM field trip at Sparkles in Hiram.

Let Sparkles Help You Reach Your Goals

Just weeks ago, tens of thousands of people made resolutions to meet new goals in 2017. Sadly, only 8% of them will accomplish those goals. In fact, many have already quit! Why is it so hard to accomplish New Year’s resolutions? Probably because most of them are boring. Saving money, getting healthy, and learning new things can get tedious after a few weeks. So how can you achieve your goals in 2017? With a little help from your friends at Sparkles Hiram.

How Skating Helps You Reach Your Goals

  1. boy giving thumbs upBudget. Skating gives families in Hiram big fun without breaking the bank. Our weekly skating sessions are under $10, with special promos like Monday Madness where you can skate from 4-8pm for just $2. You can also take advantage of winter savings with Manager’s Specials, admission deals, and free skate coupons with Kids Skate Free.
  2. Family time. What’s an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy? Nobody likes the same movies, the toddlers are too young for outdoor adventures, and your preteens are too old for “kid stuff.” Roller-skating is an adventure the whole family can enjoy, from the time they learn to walk until the days they need walkers! If you’re resolved to spend more quality time with your family this year, Sparkles Hiram has your back.
  3. Learn a new skill. Learning something new doesn’t have to mean mastering a foreign language. Learn to roller-skate, try a new trick, get serious about your laser tag sharpshooting skills, or become your family’s first skee-ball champion. There’s big room for personal growth at Sparkles (and it’s a lot more fun than studying).
  4. Get fit. Who knew you could have fun and workout at the same time? We did! Roller-skating burns over 600 calories and works almost every muscle in your body without wearing on your  joints. It’s also great for heart health!

What’s the secret to success? Find a fun way to achieve your goals at Sparkles Hiram.

Is It Time to Replace Your Roller-Skates?

If you’re a lifelong skater, you’ve probably long since invested in your own pair of skates. After all, buying roller-skates means a custom fit, fun anytime, and big savings on skate rentals. But even the most well-maintained roller-skates need replacing eventually. If your trusty roller-skates are looking a bit worn, it’s time ask yourself these questions.

Is It Time to Replace My Skates?

  1. toddler wearing high heelsDo they fit? This is usually a problem for growing kids, but adult feet sometimes change size too. Don’t worry, nobody knows but you! But it’s probably time to replace those roller-skates.
  2. Are they worn out? If you love your skates well, they’ll last for years. But after awhile, you may notice the boot losing its shape or the lining wearing thin. Some signs of aging (like old bearings, for example) are fixed with a quick trip to the Pro Shop. Others require a new pair of skates.
  3. Have I moved on? If you’ve mastered speed skating, jam skating, or just feel better gliding around the rink, it’s probably time to move on from beginner skates. Find a pair that suits your skating style.

Visit the Sparkles Pro Shop

If you’re ready to replace your skates, Sparkles can help. Our Pro Shop has classic quad skates, inline skates, sport skates, beginner skates, and even custom roller-skates. They make great gifts (especially for a skating birthday party), and they help parents keep the family active without worrying about the weather. If your skates are in good shape, check out our selection of wheels, laces, bearings, and skate maintenance supplies. Don’t see what you want? We can order the skating accessories you need. Just talk to one of our skating pros.

We’ll get you rolling again in no time! Visit Sparkles Skating Center in Hiram for roller-skates and skating fun.

Everything You Need to Know about Skating at Sparkles

Are you new to Sparkles? We’re happy you found us! There’s nothing we love more than sharing our love of roller-skating with Hiram families. And what better time than the new year? Before you jump in and get rolling, here’s what you need to know about Sparkles Skating Center in Hiram.

About Sparkles Hiram

sparkles skate carIt should come as no surprise that we love roller-skating. We’ve been the leading family entertainment center in the greater Atlanta area since 1959. How do we do it? By keeping things fun, focusing on family-friendly entertainment, and striving to make our skating rink the kind of place we’d take our kids and grandkids! You can check out the Sparkles Hiram FAQ for all the info, but here are a few answers to our top skating questions:

  • We have roller-skating, laser tag, arcade games, and a Pro Shop where we sell skates.
  • You can bring your own quad or inline skates (no Heelies).
  • Parents only pay if they skate. All children who visit are charged admission.
  • You can get free skate passes for kids 12 and younger by signing up for Kids Skate Free.

Fun Family Activities in Hiram

Ready for big fun? Roller-skating may be our passion, but there’s plenty to do when you visit Sparkles. We have a massive indoor playground for kids age 1 to 10 with a separate toddler area for the little ones. We also have 3D laser tag, arcade games, a Pro Shop, and the Couey Cafe. Our birthday parties are the best in town, and we take care to make every group feel welcome. Are you making a film (or just the world’s most intense family movie)? Ask about renting our Hiram skating facility for filming!

We’ll see you at the rink!

Get Fit with Skates!

Customers tell us why they love Sparkles.Many people make New Year’s Resolutions to get fit, but they rarely follow through on them. One way to make sure you stick to your resolutions is to make fitness fun! Head to Sparkles in Hiram and put your roller skates on! Bring the entire family, because skating is the perfect activity for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some ways skating can help you get fit:

  • Joint-friendly: Skating is the perfect exercise for those with joint problems. When you skate, the motion is fluid, there’s no harsh impact as there is with running or high impact cardio. You can get all the cardio benefits without any of the impact on your joints.
  • Cross Training: Roller skating is a cross training exercise. You get cardiovascular benefits as well as strength gains. Your legs work, your arms work, your core works…it’s a total body exercise!
  • Fat Burning: When you roller skate, you can burn between 300 and 600 calories an hour.
  • Balance and Coordination: Roller skating will help improve your balance because it strengthens your core and it helps improve your coordination because your legs and arms are moving at the same time.
  • Strengthens the Heart: The American Heart Association says roller skating is a great aerobic exercise to help strengthen the heart.
  • Improves Endurance: Roller skating can increase muscle endurance. The longer you skate, the better your endurance becomes. This means you can work out longer without getting tired, and you’ll burn more calories each session.

Ready to strap on some skates? Head to Sparkles in Hiram today and see how fit you can get!

Kickstart the New Year with a Team Bonding Outing

Kick start the new year with your employees during a team bonding event at Sparkles! There’s plenty of co-worker fun to be had on skates!

If your staff works well together they are more effective and more productive, and they are also a lot more fun to be around! Team building activities don’t have to be boring or cheesy, when you do them right, they can be lots of fun!

Plan at corporate party at Sparkles!While team building activities have traditionally been done inside the office, more recently, companies are thinking outside the box, and taking those activities outside the office! Bring the entire team to Sparkles and have some fun on skates!

Roller skating is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, and you don’t need experience on skates to have fun. It’s a fun activity that allows employees to get to know one another and it is relaxed enough to get everyone talking (and laughing!).

Team Building on the Rink

Your employees will feel the exhilaration of physical exercise while they bond with one another playing games. Taking them out of the stuffy office environment and putting them in a fun, non-threatening environment will help your team open up.

When your team feels anxious about the team building exercises, it can ruin the entire process. But when they can let go and have fun, they’ll be relaxed and get more out of the process.

If your Hiram, Georgia company is thinking about taking your team building outside of the office, let the staff at Sparkles host your event! We can suggest some fun activities to really improve your team’s camaraderie!